Public Sector

& Shopping Centres​

No matter how large or small your needs our team are here to assist and secure your people, assets and infrastructure. Working with the public is often a delicate but rewarding job and we relish the opportunity to make our communal spaces safer, these include:
Abacus Security Services ensures professional and effective service by:

Applying live reporting systems – so you are notified of any incidents on your site in real time.

Supporting our Guards – Our guards are checked on and assisted throughout their shift by our 24/7 supervisors, control room and response team.

Implementing tailor made systems and procedures for each site and client. This allows us to approach each situation strategically for the safest and most cost-effective deployment of guards.

Our friendly, professional and helpful staff are trained in customer service and are able to manage the safety of people and places seamlessly. Our guards protect from harm but also protect the peace, so that our community areas continue to be happy and welcoming.

Abacus takes great pride in knowing each location and its people well so that we offer a personal approach to security.

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